Mike Judge’s ‘Extract’ Teaser Live!

Okay, I have loved Mike Judge ever since his run on MTV with the cult-hit Beavis and Butthead. I've recently been disappointed in FOX for cancelling him and Greg Daniels' animated series King of the Hill after 13 seasons (266 episodes). Guess whose back. And guess who's happy about it! Mike Judge is going to write/direct a new comedy- Extract. It doesn't sound like a funny title, does it? I've done some research on the movie, and it seems the title is based off of the main character Dean's working at a flower-extract plant.

The movie, which is set to release September 4th of this year, stars Arrested Development's Jason Bateman, Family Guy's Mila Kunis, Saturday Night Live/Adventureland's Kristen Wiig, Spider-Man's J.K Simmons-and Ben Affleck. Ben Affleck?! Aw, NO! Mike Judge, you're supposed to have major nobodies in your movies (no offense, rest of the cast!), not major A-list celebrities! You better not ruin this for America, Affleck, we haven't had a Judge flick since Idiocracy in 2006.

But the rest of the script looks pretty solid-a flower-extract factory owner (Bateman) deals with workplace problems and a streak of bad luck, including his wife's affair with a gigolo. Awesome, man.

The teaser reminds me of Waiting… which was a sleeper-hit. I think you'll find the same will be said for Extract. Let's enjoy it before it's endlessly shown on Comedy Central. Speaking of which, Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire premieres tonight at 10PM on the network! The writer/creator/producer graduated from Trinity College here in Connecticut. But I'm getting off-topic…

Here's the teaser trailer, already leaked onto YouTube-

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