Jessica Biel’s Stripper Persona Won’t Be Seen On the Big Screen

We've all heard about it-Jessica Biel is going to play a stripper in the upcoming Powder Blue movie! And she'll be topless! Well…

Tuesday, about 2 weeks before the Blue May 8th release in theaters, Speakeasy Releasing (the movie's studio) announced that they weren't satisfied with the final product, so they will no longer be releasing the film into theaters. They said that Biel's nudity was the only thing it had going for it. No it didn't! Other stars of Powder Blue include Forest Whitaker, Ray Liotta, Lisa Kudrow and Patrick Swayze. Jessica Biel's body has sparked interest in the film, although there is some doubt that perverted dudes only coming to check it out doesn't ultimately result in huge box office numbers (however if you do just want to see the strip scene, check YouTube, there's about a thousand videos up).

I was looking forward to it. I like the artsy, independent, etc. movies, and I'm disappointed that it won't be released into theaters. But you know another movie with a highlighted nudity scene that comes to mind? It stars a certain now-reality show star and a guy who was in You, Me and Dupree. Yup, who doesn't remember the classic lesbian pool scene in Wild Things? Ahh…That didn't drum up big money, either, its ending total just above $30 million. That was a famous Mr. Skin movie. Could Powder Blue have done the same thing Wild Things did?

The movie, about how a mortician, a stripper, a suicidal ex-priest and an ex-con are brought together on Christmas Eve, will be a DVD-only release (and on top of that, a Netflix only release).

In Hollywood movies, Powder Blue is what we call an epic fail.

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