America ‘Obsessed’, but Critics Don’t See Why- Box Office Results: April 24-26

This past weekend, Beyoncé Knowles' new thriller Obsessed, about a secretary who goes to extreme measures to get with her boss, came in at #1 with a debut of $28.6 million.

Despite bad reviews from critics, Obsessed made more than similar Lakeview Terrace, Perfect Stranger, SwimFan and Enough. What's weird about these results gross is that 58% of the audience was female and 51% was over 25 years of age.

In other opening weekend movie news, Fighting, starring Terrence Howard and Channing Tatum, debuted at #3 behind 17 Again (which made $11.9 million, its total 10-day total $39.8 million) with $11 million. Not a very impressive opening, however it did surpass fighting movies Annapolis and Never Back Down. Exiting polls declared that the majority of the audience was of a Hispanic heritage.

In the third spot, also opening this weekend, The Soloist starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Foxx grossed more than Resurrecting the Champ and Reign Over Me among films of the same genre. However it did not soar past Ray, Radio, and A Beautiful Mind.

Released on Earth Day last Wednesday, the first movie of the new Disney Studio "Nature" Earth, dropped in at #4 with $8.8 million, a tiny bit more than similar March of the Penguins did. State of Play dropped 51% to $6.8 million. Because of its adult-themed plot, it did relatively worse than the Zac Efron comedy 17 Again, its total $25.1 million in 10 days. Other thrillers Fracture and Body of Lies held up better than this.

Crank: High Voltage did worse than its prequel Crank did in its second weekend in release, falling 62% to $2.6 million. The first Crank had only stooped 53% at this point. Monsters vs. Aliens only lost a small percentage, grossing $8.5 million this weekend. It still remains the highest-grossing movie so far this year. Hannah Montana: The Movie raked in $6.4 million, still beating the gross of Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour. Fast and Furious remains the highest-grossing of the franchise, coming in behind Hannah Montana with $6.2 million.

Here are the estimated box office results as of April 26-

  1. Obsessed-$28.6 million
  2. 17 Again- $11.5 million
  3. Fighting- $11 million
  4. The Soloist- $9.7 million
  5. Earth- $8.2 million
  6. Monsters vs. Aliens- $8.5 million
  7. State of Play- $6.8 million
  8. Hannah Montana: The Movie- $6.4 million
  9. Fast and Furious- $6.2 million
  10. Crank: High Voltage- $2.6 million

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  1. Coffee Maker April 29, 2009 at 10:36 PM

    it makes sense that they would Robert Downey Jr. as an intellectual/journalist type, he was a similar character in Zodiac