'Where the Wild Things Are' Teaser Trailer Just Released!

As we approach the release date of the new Spike Jonze hot topic Where the Wild Things Are, the
official teaser trailer to hold us over until October 16 has just been released! The trailer, in my opinion,
is very exciting and mysterious. Exciting because we get to see/hear the first glimpse of the "Wild Thing",
voiced by Forest Whitaker, and mysterious because it'll be fun to discover how Warner Bros converts a
children's picture book into a feature-length film. In the trailer, we also see Max (see the sort-of interview
with Max Records in the blog archive) riding and running with the beasts, that look surprisingly fake in this
creepy adaptation-and I love it. The Jonze screenplay/directing might be a bit iffy, but I'm pretty stoked to
see how it all plays out on the big screen.
Surefire to be the next big thing at Hot Topic stores (I'll certainly be purchasing a Wild Things T-shirt!),
Where the Wild Things Are looks like a through-glass masterpiece that doesn't get the recognition of
awesomeness that it so rightly deserves. Definitely should be one of the best movies of 2009. This is on
my "must-see" list for the year, along with only a few others- Up, Funny People, and Inglourious Basterds.

Where the Wild Things Are is set to release October 16, and I'll be following it until it slams on the silver

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