The Haunting in Connecticut Poster/Trailer

I know The Haunting in Connecticut opens in theaters Friday and I’ve yet to talk about it, but I wanted to blog a little about the poster and the trailer now. As you all know, my hometown is in Connecticut, so this new Lionsgate flick grabbed my attention. It’s about a family that relocates due to their son’s health and soon begin to experience supernatural behavior in the new home (hint: the house is a mortuary).

Okay, so the poster-

Okay, THIS looks pretty creepy. It shows the son with this-I'm guessing-spirit coming out of his mouth? And the tag line saying "Some things can never be explained." Um...Wow. Does this not look like another movie like January's The Uninvited? Honestly, it just gives off that vibe, that same old stupid vibe. Okay, now it says in bold on the heading of the poster "Based on True Events". The real story is pretty much what the movie is about. The Snedeker family encounters the paranormal in their house in Southington, CT. But this movie was filmed in Canada! Should it have been filmed in Connecticut, to make the teen-horror film authentic? You tell me in the comments.

The trailer-

"Who put these things under the floorboards?" "I've seen this kid!" "Kyle, what have you done to yourself!"

The music they play throughout this is creepy as shit! I'm serious, did you hear that? And this kid, Kyle, looks like a

major jackass. "Down here?" "It's nice and it's coed." I want to punch him in the face! But the trailer makes The

Haunting in Connecticut look very creepy and make your blood run cold. Did you notice how they never showed

who the kid was that was stalking them? Reminds me of Signs, because as I recall in that flick, they never fully showed

who the aliens were, only what their weakness was. I'm looking forward to seeing Haunting, opening tomorrow only in


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