Opening March 20, 2009

March 20. We've got 3 major flicks hitting the theaters this weekend, all of them, in my opinion, could either be good or bad. But really, I'm guessing Knowing sucks.

Ah, Julia Roberts. We haven't seen anything decent from her since 2007 with Charlie Wilson's War. Well maybe this so-called "sexy" spy thriller will be her big comeback? She co-stars with Clive Owen in this...Urgh. Hated him since The Bourne Identity, guessing I'll hate him here as well. It tells the tale of a pair of corporate spies that have a bit of a past together-she robbed him during sex. But now they're reunited in a scheme to con their boss (Paul Giamatti, sweet!). Director Tony Gilroy is promising, considering he directed the 2007 Oscar-nominee Michael Clayton. Good reviews are pouring in so far this Friday afternoon, so I'm looking forward to seeing Duplicity this weekend.

I Love You, Man is about a "girlfriend-only" guy who needs to find a best man for his wedding, so he goes on a series of "man-dates". It stars Jason Segel and Paul Rudd, both co-stars from their previous comedy gems Knocked Up and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Opening around the same time Marshall did last year, I'm stoked for You, Man! Directed and co-written by John Hamburg (Along Came Polly); this can either be a raunchy, hilarious comedy, or more of a heartfelt chick-flick with a few chuckles. Well, he casted Segel, so I'm guessing it will be NOTHING like Polly. Although I would have liked to seen a Nicholas Stoller directing (he did Marshall) and a Jason Segel screenplay (like he did with Forgetting), I'm still expecting I Love You, Man to be a crude, hysterical romp! And is that a Thomas Lennon cameo I see in the trailer? I love him, man.

Knowing. Knowing. Knowing. Knowing. Could they pick an even more annoying title? Knowing stars Nicolas Cage (of course) as a M.I.T teacher who's son finds a slip of paper with numbers that reveal information of the biggest disasters that have happened before on Earth, and those that are yet to happen. Now, no surprises here, Cage has to stop them. Now, I rip on Nicolas Cage, but I really shouldn't! He plays a main character in some of my all time favorite flicks, like The Weather Man and World Trade Center. But he has had some flops such as The Ant Bully, Ghost Rider, and National Treasure. All in all, I'm not his greatest fan. Knowing is directed by Alex Proyas, who also tackled the 2004 sci-fi/thriller I, Robot. Proyas adapted Knowing (wow, another novel-made-movie. Got tired of them after Watchmen...) as well. "What happens when the numbers run out?" Do we really care, Cage?

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